What’s in your first-aid kit?

We always hope we can avoid injuries at home, but as they say, “most injuries happen in the home.”  If this is true, then we would be wise to be prepared with a first aid kit.  A first aid kit can be used to treat a minor injury so healing can begin or it can be used to treat an injury temporarily until you can get appropriate medical attention for the injured person.


Have you ever thought about what should be in your first aid kit at home?  Here are just of few of those items:


Items for bandaging:

  • sterile gauze pads (different sizes)
  • adhesive tape
  • adhesive bandages in several sizes
  • elastic bandage
  • a splint


Items for treating surface wounds or bites:

  • antiseptic wipes
  • soap
  • antibiotic ointment
  • antiseptic solution (like hydrogen peroxide)
  • alcohol wipes or ethyl alcohol
  • hydrocortisone cream (1%)
  • calamine lotion
  • acetaminophen and ibuprofen


helpful tools:

  • tweezers
  • sharp scissors
  • safety pins
  • disposable instant cold packs/hot packs
  • thermometer
  • plastic non-latex gloves (at least 2 pairs)


It’s also a good idea to have easy access to a blanket and your list of emergency numbers.  Make sure that every family is aware of where your kit is and how to use the items and how to call for help in an emergency.  You can make your own first aid kit, but one way to get this quickly is to order one from the First Aid Kit.net store.

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